The Website of Studio APPA is opened for all over the world. When cold winter come to the Northern Hemisphere, hot summer come to the Southern Hemisphere alternatively. So we always show clothes for four seasons.
Her graceful action will make showing the design more elegance.
She shows the design beautifully with her cheerful nature. Also she like a sweet fashion design.
She will present new design of clothes with her sophisticated feeling appealingly.
Everyday, they are very busy as the lock musician. They support APPA fashion activities with their precious sare moment.
She support APPA fashion activities kindly. Her elegant appearence will set off the design.
She is a student of the university. She said she would study about the activity of the fashion model.
She looks well dressed in anything and any genre of fashion.

She like to dress. Also she looks well dressed in any genre of fashion.

As she has nice body for fashion model, so she enjoy fashion show in Tokyo. Now she is studying in the university.
She likes to dress up with genre of Gothic and Lolita fashion.
Studio APPA would like to show clothes
in condition of "Just be Natural", without
existing fashion show.
----- This is our business concept.

Works of Designer T.Morokawa

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