Web page of Studio APPA is appealed to all over the world. Then we present clothes withoutsense of seasons because there are the Northern and the Southern Hemisphere in the world you know.

Designer Tsukiko Morokawa presents excellent design for young ladies. She will support better fashion life of her customers.
Designer Kira is powerful fashion designer. Also she can draw patterns with CAD design system.
Designer Reico think better of fashion design in the early 1960s. Her excellent design will please her customers.
Designer NYAROKO presents special design in Gothic and Lolita fashion area.
Shinra Kisaragi is an animation designer. Now she challenge to develop the new fashion design.
Designer Hirotan is an illustratorr, so he try to design ladies fashion with new point of view.
Designer Noriko designed a lot of clothes for young ladies. She is a powerful designer.
Designer Koko M-King lives in Califernia USA. She is a fashion designer, and a singer, too. She will present good design with Californian taste.
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