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Hi, I like the season from autumn to winter. The seasons bring to me appetizing "sake (Japanese drink)" and wine.

In this seasons, we can enjoy fashion more.
I usually put on casual dress and spend busy life however some time I wish to dress up elegantly.

I think that it will be very important to keep good posture, when we show our dressing up well. The woman who is walking with light step and straight spine looks to be very beautiful.
Alternatively, once in a while, I am surprised myself when I look my own appearance on the mirror. It looks like a stooped old woman!

Let's enjoy daily life vividly for showing to be beautiful!

When I dress up well, I feel much better. However when I do not know what to
do and when I put clothes not suiting my taste, I feel blue all day long.
I think that the Fashion has strong power for me.

Do you feel your fashion as same as I feel?

I would like to design so as to be helpful for my customers.

Thank you.

My works
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